What's a fair price to charge...

you taking it there and bringing it back?

120 for gas
50 for wear and tear
100 for time
$270 at least.
No, I'm going to pick the horse up and bring it to the farm where my daughter's horses are boarded. I know most people charge between .75 and $1.00 per mile, but was wondering if that sounded fair.
A trip that far would charge a professional starting at 500.00 My horse was hauled from just 90 miles, ran me two hundred plus gas and they were a friend of dh's. Remember you are also giving your experience for a price so I would say 400.00
I was also thinking $400 ($1.00 per mile), but wanted to make sure that was a fair price to charge, since I'm going to have to stop for gas several times and also stop and eat, etc.

Thanks for all the advice!

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