What's a good price for this coop design?

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    I've found a few coops and am really considering one from my local feed store that sells for $300. The nesting box area is sided with cedar, then there is an open roost bar and everything else is open to the ground. So there is not much floor area in the actual "house part", not sure if hens hang inside besides for sleeping (on roost) and laying (in nest box). There is an egg door with latch and the roof is metal. It's an A-frame coop with a footprint of about 2 1/2 ft x 6 ft.
    So is this a good price? Do I need more floor space in the actual hen house? It is also made with cloth hardware to keep predators out, I like all of the high quality materials just seems so simple compared to some coops I've see that have multiple stories, ramps, etc. But most reveiws of those coops online say the wood is thin, and problems with roof, etc. I'm planning on 2-4 chickens. Thanks for your advice!

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    If there is not a floor or area you close up for them at night they are vulnerable to predators. Those A Frame tractors are nice to move about the lawn each day but usually lack in sleeping/protection arrangements. Any digging predator can get into it.

    For $300 you could have a large run even a 10'X10'X6' dog kennel and have money left to build a small coop to hold 4 chickens inside at night. It doesn't take much to build a small coop with roost and one nest box.

    I just saw you are in TX. You don't even need a coop. Build a nice aviary or again go with dog kennel and protect it from diggers with hardware cloth attached to bottom and laid outward on ground for over a foot (or lay it under the sod). Then all you need is netting for the roof for hawks. People have come up with inexpensive ways to deter climbing predators. Add shade, roosting poles and a small nesting box. A predator proof run is all you'd need in TX just make sure you give them plenty shade.
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