What's a hatchery whereI can order STARTED pullets that aren't debekd?

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11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
Mcmurray hatchery has them but they are all debeaked. Is there a hatchery where i an order started (17wk perhaps) pullets that have their beaks?

Also, what does debeaking limit a bird to do?
Unless you are on a remote island in the South Pacific, and probably even then
, it should not be that hard to find someone (like, a regular chicken-owner, not a hatchery) with part- or full-grown pullets for sale within an hour or so drive of your house. They'll not be debeaked, they'll probably be better socialized to start with, you may be able to get a more interesting breed, you will save LOTS of money on postage (yes, even with the price of gas what it is), and you will make a new friend

Also a whole lot of feed stores do an annual order of ready-to-lay pullets, so ask around (but those will probably be debeaked).

Debeaking is probably better (IMO) than letting chickens rip each other to pieces when raised in too-confined space, but that is the only thing that can possibly be said in its favor. It hurts the chickens, there is some evidence the pain persists long-term, and it makes it harder for them to forage or to eat off a hard surface.

I have 3 debeaked hens (ready-to-lays from feed store) -- they do respectably well in the bug-catching department and I make sure their feed is always on a deep enough surface they don't have trouble eating it, and they seem happy enough, but I would never get another debeaked chicken (did not realize they would be debeaked when I first ordered them). I would strongly advocate supporting "local growers", as it were, rather than great big chicken factories. I do not know of any hatchery that sells them NOT debeaked (tho they call it 'beak trimmed').



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