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  1. Is it ever possible for minorcas and leghorns to go broody? If you say no, you're wrong! I have a buff minorca AND a white leghorn-both are broody.
    Here's Minorca the buff minorca, she's been setting for about two weeks now, and for the second time.
    And this is Joyce the white leghorn, who is only 7 months old, still a pullet. She's only been setting for a few days, actually, almost never leaving the nest, and clucking up a storm!
    I've heard it said that these super-layers apparently never brood, so is there something with mine? Or is it just a coincidence? [​IMG]

  2. cherrychicken

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    Wow! I have heard that they don't go broody, but you have proof! Your doing something right! Keep it up!
  3. Southernbelle

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Congrats - I love broodies! It's rare for them to be broody, so hang onto them!
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    I would say you're doing a great job with them! Keep it up!

    I hope my white Leggies go broody one day! [​IMG]
  5. debilorrah

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    Mis-understanding there. They do not go broody OFTEN. But yes they do.
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    I have a broody leghorn right now also she has been setting for 5 days now
  7. Quote:[​IMG]

  8. Quote:I dunno what I'm doing. Everyone says leghorns (and for that matter, pretty much all mediterranean breeds) are shy and flighty. Not so with mine. My leghorns are the friendliest cuddliest birds I have, brazenly tugging at my clothes for attention and even jumping on my back and shoulders! My leghorns are even friendlier than my Silkie!

    Most of my Mediterraneans are like this, except for the two Minorcas. And my Sicillian Buttercup used to be shy, but one day her foot got caught on some string and the other hens were trying to peck her to death. I saved her, and she has loved me ever since!

    I [​IMG] Mediterraneans!

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