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    Jan 30, 2014
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    I have had chooks in past, but I decided if I was to ever do it again. I would have a proper home for them to keep out the predators. #1 I want have self sufficient wild roaming game X flock, like have in a few area around Fair Oaks and Prunedale, CA . I am going flood my area with game x chooks. So I decided if I build it, the chooks would come, well we all know chicken math. I wanted a SS Roo for color and added a SS Hen. My kids and I like brown eggs, next a Aussie Hen; my wife doesn't like brown eggs, so along come a hen leghorn. I want more color so, Silver EE and a CLB/CM Roo and a game X silver looking hens. Now I'm thinking productivity, I need younger hens, so I go get 3 hen and 2 roo Andulasians, I figure I could sell them down the road. Now that I've gotten my chook fix, now it's time to build it right. I want my flock to be DP, just by chance my local feed store is getting DC chicks, I figure I'll get my rooster (meat) for future and my incubators / DC hens. I have been searching every where for silkie hens for brooding without success, these DC's are coming at the right time for me to get my young broodies. I just don't like black skin chooks for eating, I have eggs from these hens in my home made incubator, so fingers X. I am excited and I just wanted to share. Sorry for the rant...
    P/S, I can't to see my cross with a DC / Silver game.
    My Flock.
    [​IMG]King of the hill, keeping and eye out for Mr. Coopershawk..

    [​IMG] Youngins


    [​IMG] Game hen

    [​IMG] Game hen w/ escorts

    [​IMG]EE/Leghorn busy


    [​IMG]CLB/CM first mate

    [​IMG]SS Top hen

    [​IMG]Aussie in the house

    [​IMG]SS on the hunt.
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    They are all very lovely!

    Thanks for posting the pictures.
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    Nice looking Roos [​IMG]

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