What's is right for my girls.


Sep 25, 2018
Northeast Washington state
Hello everyone,

I have 8 chickens, four of which have been laying since September (the other four are still too young). My birds are free range and have taken to nest in the oddest places, but yesterday was the last straw. They went over to the neighbors and laid their eggs where I can't get them. After talking with an old farmer who suggested that I put my birds in the coup and leave them there for a week, then start letting them out during the day. My coup is small; only four foot by six foot and 5 foot high. Is this enough room for 8 birds? I have roosting poles 2-inch diameter crisscrossed everywhere and seven nesting boxes. I installed a daylight LED for light and of course, food and water.

My problem is---I feel uncomfortable them being in the coup for that long. I just don't feel that is right not to frolic in the yard and get fresh air. is this ok? or should I do something else.
I'm sure someone on here can give you exact dimensions on how much space is required for each bird as far as coop size goes... I can tell you that your coop is too small. I had the same problem with coop size being too small but managed it ok. Sorry couldn't be more help. Like said, I'm sure someone will post the dimensions needed to keep them comfortable when in the coop. I recently rehomed my girls, but I love this forum, so I still hang around. Good luck with your chickens! :)
That's definitely a better size. Minimum is typically 4 sq feet per bird in the coop. I agree with the others that suggest a small temporary run around the coop while you get them used to it.

I kept my chicks locked in the coop for most of one day, and then kept their food and water in their for about a week (and fed treats in there) and mine figured out that it's home. Might be worth feeding them treats in the coop for awhile afterward too, then they'll have another reason to keep going back there.
Ok here is my coup and my girls. This is a temporary coup and will build a suite for my girls, once the deal closes on our property.


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