What's madder than a wet hen?


Scribe of Brahmalot
12 Years
May 18, 2009
It's mama Chrissie! She is always determined to lay and go broody in this planter which is outside on a shelf. We have tried moving it but then she just hides somewhere else at night and will not go in the coop! She has raised many batches of foster babies and this time she is sitting on 6 partridge Brahma eggs.

Lately we have had a problem with a neighbor's dogs roaming at night, so I have been worried about Chrissie and her eggs. I know from the past that if I move her/them too soon, she will abandon the eggs. Well, today is hatching day. I went out this morning to check and heard the little peeps, so I picked up the planter and carried it and her into the house! She is not a happy camper and is giving me "the look" every time I go into the kitchen! We have a tractor planned for her and her babies but I just couldn't resist bringing her in this morning. Chrissie is a mean little hen at the best of times and now I'm just glad she's not a great dane!

Awww... Mama Chrissie is the sweetest mean ol' hen! Good for her to be so protective! Be sure to post photos of her hovering over the little ones!
She is something! She is one of our three original chickens we bought about 3-1/2 years ago. All my other girls are sweet and I can pet them and reach under them for their eggs, but not Chrissie - she strikes faster than a snake! About a month ago she was actually dive bombed by a hawk. Hubby saw/heard the hawk chasing her across the yard and ran it off. Chrissie still hasn't grown back all her tail feathers from that encounter. She is one bad news hen and until she found the planter about a year or so ago she roosted in our orange tree at night up too high for us to get her down. Her eggs are never fertile - I think my guys are afraid of her, too. She is the best mom, though, and goes broody several times a year.
I just took my life into my hands to get this picture. The little stinker strikes like a cobra! She hatched all 6 eggs and is a very protective mom. Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to get better pictures.


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