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    Mar 27, 2017
    I got chicken fever about two years ago. I always knew I wanted araucana. that has been more difficult than I could ever have dreamed. ive spent a lot of time on this web site. its been very helpful. someone said your best bet is get some hatching eggs off ebay. so last aug I set/hatched my first chics. everything was great until hatch time, I lost all but 2 and one of those would have died if I had not helped him. he was very ugly. no feathers at all. now he is my beautiful spoiled boy. but 2 is not enough. so I ordered 36 eggs from California. I knew id be lucky if I got 10%. things where moving along. I had10 viable, and 10 I wasn't sure about. I just put them in lock down. but I'm very worried. two days ago our power went out for 7hours. the temp was in the 80s. ijust happened to have hand warmer, which I put in and added blankets. the electric came back shortly after. is there anything I can do? if not what can I do differently with next batch?
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