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Ok. So I bought a 25lb. bag of starter feed when I got my chicks.
It is starting to get low. The birds will be 6 weeks old next Tuesday.
I probably have enough to get them to 7 weeks.

What should I get next? Grower Feed? Do I wait until they are actually laying to get Layer Feed? or something else all together?

What can you all recommend regarding Pellets vs. Crumble? Can I move to Pellets when the starter runs out?
I think I eventually would rather be using pellets. What are the advantages/disadvantages.

What are my next options feed wise???
Thanks all,
I use a starter/grower at about 20% protein up until they begin to lay. If you have them on medicated starter, you should probably continue on it until they are 10 weeks or so.

I've only ever used crumbles. I have heard (from the guy at the feed store) that the birds will waste less with the pellets. I haven't had a problem, though, so haven't switched.
You don't want to feed layer until they are laying or very close to it, the layer has too much calcium for young birds and is not good for them. I'd go with grower or flockraiser for your next bag.

I like pellets myself (less waste) but I don't know if you can get grower in pellet form. If you have to wait until they are older to switch to pellets it's best to mix them with the crumbles at first so they get the idea that they are food. Most birds will figure it out even if you don't mix the two feeds, but sometimes there's a real "bird brain" in the bunch that doesn't quite get it.

I have a very mixed age flock so I just feed flockraiser to the whole crew and put oyster shell out free choice so the laying hens can meet their calcium needs.
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Is it really necessary to use starter until they are 10 weeks if they have been on medicated starter? Won't 7-8 weeks be enough for the medicated?
technically no, I don't use medicated feed at all, neither do I vaccinate for coccidiosis. Most people I know near where I live don't use medicated feed.
hey wander into this post when i was looking for what to feed chickens during the winter. I didn't know there were grower feed. what is the different between starter and grower feed? my chicks are 6 weeks old now
I would suggest you give them something starchy or sugary (not too much). Maybe add a small amounts of corn (yellow corn or maize). As I've read, these treats can make their body gives off heat. Trust me. Their body become heated that it is not advisable during summer.

I used booster for 4 weeks and then starter for just 2 weeks, my chicks are now 7 weeks old and I have been feeding them with chick grower and intend to feed them the same for the next 2 or 3 months. They are now starting to weigh heavier.
You can feed the starter all the way up until they begin to lay then transition them over to layer feed. Or you can find one labeled as grower and use that. Or go to a general purpose poultry ration such as Purina Flock Raiser and keep them on that right on supplementing with oyster shell on the side when they begin to lay. Several different options here.

For chickens I feed starter/grower until they are six to eight weeks old. Then I begin to blend in Flock Raiser until the starter is gone then pure Flock Raiser after that. Oyster shell on the side when they begin to lay. Green feed for everyone.
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I went from starter to starter / grower at about 6 weeks. I just tried the transition to pellets instead of the crumbles last week (about 12 weeks) and my chickens are NOT happy. They give me a very accusing look and they scratch the pellets out of the feeder to get to the crumbles in the mix. The funniest part is the crumbles are nothing more than crushed up pellets. Stupid picky chickens. I wish the feed store guy was right about the "less waste" factor of pellets. Let me tell ya, with my flock, it is MORE waste. I do beleive we will be going back to crumbles when they eat / waste / get rid of / hide / bury / whatever they do with these pellets.

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