What's taking my chicken's heads?


8 Years
May 11, 2011
I found my third headless chicken this week. The head was gone, but the body seemed untouched. What is going on?
Ok well its happened 3 times. The first was inside a coop that had no run. The second I found in a run of a different coop. The third was free range, but slept in the barn. I found it outside in the grass.
Same here. Coons were to blame.
Hateful varmets one and all.
Hardware cloth 1/2 inch they can't reach through. And get a trap, then when you catch the little bugger. Make him into as many chicken size Daniel Boon hats as you can. I bet they would sell great on eBay
A old school trap that is very simple, effective, and nearly free plus it's chicken safe!

Drill a 1" hole about 3" - 4" deep into any wood the can handle the depth, drive 3 + sharp pinted nails in that are angled to nearly touch tips and push some bait in the bottom of the hole. Coon puts it leg into the hole to grab the bait but cannot pull out at the nails grab the leg. Works great and I've seen it work on possum too. Learned that one from Grampa
My chickens arent quite ready for the coop and run just yet. I think I will put them in there this weekend but I figured now is the time to catch anything in the coop area so last night I set my first trap for raccoons. Checked it this mornig and the trap was sprung! I thought "Wow that was easy!" As I got closer I realized the trap was empty. Bait was gone and the trap was closed up tight but no coon. They are smart little buggers, but I will get him!!! Round 2 tonight...
Put the bait in some sort of bag that will still let the smell out and tie it to the trap. That way they will have to work a little bit to get the bait and spring the trap.

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