whats the best breed of duck as a pet?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
just wondering. im very interested in buying a few duck eggs and hatching them. just want to know which is the best breed to have as a pet? like the most friendliest and social
yeah thats what ive heard so far also. that call ducks are the friendliest. those are what im leaning towards purchasing at the momentt
i think muscovies are the best pets, i had a few that were really tame, not flighty like the other breeds, mine used to roost on top my house at night, a dog came in and killed 3 of them along with a bunch of chickens, that dog ended up in the paper being shot, it wasn't me but they made a big deal about this dog and that they wouldn't rest until they found who did it and that he never ran loose, that was a bunch of bull, what about my poor ducks, especially my big drake sherman he was beautiful, blue and white:(
mallards also there very friendly they like to play more then other duck breeds I have watched, I dont know maybe its just me but ill sit on my pond and watch them play for hours, if thats something your interested in give it a whirl

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