What's The Best Feed For A Mixed Flock (Chickens & Ducks)?


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
Austin, Texas
When we got our flock, two days ago, we got the leftover feed the previous owners had been using. Looks like a generic brand chicken feed...but it's nearly empty, and I was wondering what is the best feed (store-bought or home-made recipe(s)) for our mixed flock of chickens & ducks.

- TieDyeMommy
I feed all-in-one from my local Grange. My understanding is it's similar to all flock from purina. It's appropriate for all my different ages and genders of chickens and my ducks.
Feed stores are few and far between in this area. I don't mind the drive, if I have to, but are there other type of stores that sell chicken/duck feed & such?

- TieDyeMommy
Sometimes walmart will have it, if you're near a farming community that is. You just have to go look in the pet food, it's usually by the big bags of dog food if they do have it.
Thank you DeannaMari!
I found a Tractor Supply Co. near my house, and they have the brand of feed the birds were given by their previous owner. I think, for now, I'll stick with the same brand so as not to upset their systems.

Has anyone had any experience with this feed?

- TieDyeMommy
I have not had experience with this particular brand, but I have used Purina brand, and nutritionally they are pretty equal, and I have heard good things about this brand. I'd guess it's a pretty safe bet.

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