what's the best/helthiest feed to give ducks?


8 Years
Jun 20, 2011
i'm new to owning ducks and have 2 scovy ducklings that are a week and a half old. right now they're on chick starter (non medicated) but what is the best feed to give them as adults so they don't get angel wing and have all the necessary vitamins etc? they're my babies and i want to make sure they stay healthy and happy
I feed mine Flock raiser until they start to feather in then I switch to Lay Crumbles since it has less protien, (I had issues with Angel wing) Since I switch them I havent had a single muscovy get angel wing.... '

Well I know some may give me a sassin
, but I feed mine CORN! I've had ducks for 8 years, hatched out MANY birds, and after they finish the chick starter they go on corn. I have never had health issues, never had even seen or heard of this 'angel wing' til I joined BYC, and my fertility has been great! But I also mix flax and fresh veggies in too (corn is the base), but the corn I found is the cheapest, most successful food I have ever fed my ducks

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