whats the best way to hatch eggs?


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Mar 4, 2011
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should I let the hen hatch them or put them in a incubator? I'm not hatching any right now, but am planning on it next spring, just trying to find out the better way and get info on it!!! thanks
Between a really good broody hen and a really good incubator, I would go with the hen. She does all the work.
The problem is that it takes a few hatches to know whether or not a broody hen is a good broody hen. But the same is true of an incubator; it's hard to have confidence in it on the first hatch.
In my opinion theres not really a 'better' way. Theres a way

that works better for -you-. Me - I use my incubator, because

I like to be able to keep a close eye on my chicks, and when

they're inside - I can do that. Whatever works best for you.

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