What's the longest you've had a pip

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10 Years
May 15, 2009
Lake Charles, LA
I'm on day 23 and a nervous wreck!! When I got up at 4:15 am I had one pip. I just went home for lunch and there has been no progress at all. The humidity had dropped to 61% so I added a lil water (hopefully not to much). What's the longest you've had a pip with no progress at all. Chickie is peeping so I know she (hopefully) is still alive.

Also, what is shrink wrapped and what causes it?
Shrinkwrapping is when the humidity drops and causes the inner membrane to stick to the chick. If it sticks in the right place, they can't move enough to zip around the shell and hatch. I USUALLY don't help them hatch any more, but I had a pip for 2 1/2 days recently, and the chick was still peeping loudly and rocking the egg, I zipped the egg for her, and pulled the sticky dry membrane off her wing, and she pulled herself the rest of the way out of her shell and is doing just fine now. If you do help though, be careful not to tear fresh membrane, as you can break blood vessels, and kill them.

But I'd say that if your humidity dropped too much it could be sticky membrane that's keeping her in there, but I'd still wait at least until tonight before intervening. It can take 24 hours sometimes from pip to hatch.

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