What's the most docile white egg layer?


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Jul 24, 2008
Brown City, Michigan (Thumb)
I am wanting to add some white egg layers to my layer flock. I have one young Danish Brown Leghorn pullet that I really like, but she was the calmest of the 2 I bought. As far as flighty, she's not bad at all. I have been drooling
over Blue Andalusians and Spitzhaubens, but have read mixed reviews about their temperament. I really wish I could find a good designer/mutt chicken that lays white eggs.

Please give me your thoughts and opinions regarding your favorite white egg layers. And let me know if you have hatching eggs available.
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Mar 18, 2008
We've got three blue Andalusians. One is sweet and amazingly social -- my very favorite among our flock of 26.

The other two are perfectly pleasant hens, though not deeply bonded with us.

All three are quite handsome, loud talkers, and they have large combs, which might be problematic for cold climates (though they did just fine this winter in Minnesota). Oh, and they are excellent fliers. They just fly out of our straw yards, which have 6' fences.

Eggs we get from them (at 1 year old) are medium to medium large.

We also have a couple of rose comb brown leghorns, which lay white eggs. They are more flighty and less social than the Andalusians, and their eggs are quite narrow (as are they). To me, that looks slightly funny in the egg carton if you are selling eggs.


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Jun 13, 2008
Well, our leghorns aren't docile, but they aren't aggressive either. Pushy and bossy (we call them the Thugs) but they've never been mean (to us people, anyway).

But you can't beat them for laying. We have 3 and we get 3 eggs from them almost every day, and almost all the eggs are EL.

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