Whats the white one?


Terd of Hurtles
11 Years
Oct 23, 2008
Northwestern Minnesota
OK So I have been educated that this first fella is a sex link. We have about 8 of them.

So, what are these plain white ones that are larger than everyone else in the flock? WE have LOTS of them...they have bright yellow legs.
Only reason I am asking is because I thought Leghorns were a smaller bodied bird so am confused about these pure white ones being so much larger than everyone else? Definitely not cornish tho the neightbors have a cornish and he is NOT the same as my whities!
WEll I was told that the top one is a sex link...

I just wondered about the pure white ones with no markings on their feathers. They are not big enough to be cornish, but bigger than everyone else (excepting the monstrousity of a RIR we have growing in there) and pure white. I thought Leghorn but liek I said, I thought those were smaller bodied?
I am going to think White Rock, due simply to the fact that Cackle was not selling meat birds at this reduced price. It was especially to get rid of the unwanted roos from the egg laying breeds. You know how everyone orders JUST pullets and the hatchery has to figure out what to do with all the roos? Yeah so these were not meat breeds at all.

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