What's with my eggs?


9 Years
Oct 31, 2012
My eggs are looking super weird. I've been collecting them for a week to incubate them but I'm worried. Any idea what's wrong with them?

Sorry but I think you can safely forget about brooding any that look like that. The chances of them surviving are low. They don't have enough calcium. This could be due to disease, illness, injury, diet, and other things like that. When the eggs look like that the gas exchange is impaired due to the shell being deficient so the egg is likely to admit bad bacteria among other issues, such as allowing oxygen bubbles through the main egg membrane, but even more likely they will break long before reaching hatching point even in the unlikely case that development begins and continues. Your hens need something addressed in their diet probably, but definitely a look-over and a bit of time to recover, before you try to brood eggs from them.

Best wishes.

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