What's with Wilma?


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Wilma is a 2-1/2 year old barred rock (1 of 4). For 5 days now she's been limping and displaying difficulty /reluctance moving. She can walk and fly up on the roost, but she seems to prefer sitting on the ground. She does fly up on the roost at night. She drinks water and eagerly ate a fig today, but I don't think she eats a lot. None of the other chickens we have seem affected.
I've checked for bumble foot 4 times and found no indications. I've suspected Marek's but she's not really lame and seems equally able both sides except for the limp. I also checked her eyes and both appear normal (and the same). Her poop yesterday was pretty liquid and had some greenish in it.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
She may have suffered a sprain. I would rest her in a cage for a few days, give her vitamins, and tempt her to eat with some eggs and moistened feed. Then test her in a week to see if she is walking better--if not, cage her for a bit more.

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