What's wrong with my Americana?


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Jan 14, 2016
She has been having what looks like a balance problem on and off for the last couple of weeks. Last night I noticed she is not sleeping on a roost. She sleeps on her side on the ground. When she gets up it takes her a while to become steady. When she runs she often falls over.
She is young and is not yet laying. She was hatched March 8th. She lives with 6 other birds in large coop, 8' x 6' , and run 6' x 16'. Plenty of water and plenty of food and eats and drinks well. All the others seem healthy and some have already begun to lay.

If there is anyone who has had similar problems please let me know.

I would start some poultry vitamins in case of a deficiency. Several things could be a problem, such as possible Mareks disease, an injury, ear infection, or a vitamin deficiency. Check the feed in case it could have mold. Mold, lead shot or old paint chips, can sometimes cause similar symptoms. Was she vaccinated for Mareks?
Yes they were vaccinated for Mereks. The feed looks good. The feed I use is the 'finisher grower' type and it has vitamins and meds. I also feed them cracked corn and some table scraps. Non of my other birds have a problem. I did notice the Bird has what looks like a broken toe.

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