Whats wrong with my Aylesbury Duck?


5 Years
Sep 24, 2014

I am after some advice. We recently Rescued a couple of Aylesbury Ducks and both seemed fine to begin with.

Over the past 6 to 8 weeks however, one of them has become more of a recluse, hissing at us when we go near her. She will come out but generally only when she and our other Aylesbury duck are alone.

Also, she seems to walk strangely. She walks almost upright (like a Runner would) and seems to use her wings to balance herself.

She seems to eat and drink OK and loves the pond, particularly when it has just been filled with clean water.

Ive uploaded a film, of her to the link below and wonder if anyone can give me any advice as to what might be wrong with her and how we might help her.

Link -->

Thanks in advance

Possibly EGG-BOUND! Looks like she's try to push it out real hard man. Feel around for an egg and help her push it out ASP! Like go and check right now! This could kill your duck!

Had this happen with Solveig. If you do feel the egg put you fingers behind the egg on both sides of the duck and gently help here push it out. I can't seem to word this right... quack quack...pffffff...
I think she's been watching monty python and is trying to join the ministry for silly walks!

But seriously that instantly makes me think egg bound too; get her into a warm bath to help her muscles relax, perhaps apply some vaseline around her vent too.
Definitely have a feel underneath her for a solid lump. Calcium (liquid drops will work fastest) may help as well.

I've lost a bird to this within days of it starting - I still feel terrible about it now so don't wait and see.
Agreed - most likely egg bound, extra calcium, long baths in lukewarm water (no soap), perhaps a little KY jelly on the vent but be careful not to break anything.

You may also want to keep her and her friend in the dark - that slows the egg production system.

Keep her quiet, make sure she continues to get good food and fresh water. If you have a good duck vet, I would bring her in.
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Thanks everyone for your advice.

She isn't overly tame so trying to get her to sit in a warm bath has been something of a challenge. . . .

Ive had a good feel around and can't feel any hard egg-shaped objects from her vent backwards, but I did think this too.

I have booked an appointment with the vet to be on the safe side (which is also useful cos if she is egg-bound at least Ill get an idea as to how to help if it happens again).

In the mean time, vaseline has been smeared so will wait and see.

Thanks agan :eek:)
Hi Everyone

Thanks for your replies to my post, I just wanted to post an update.

A visit to the Vet showed that she was not egg bound. She had a good feel around and said that all joints, muscles etc seem OK and suggested that the problem may be Neurological instead, in which case, there is no cure.

She does not seem to be in pain and isnt getting any worse so we are resigned to the fact we have a duck with issues.

Going to get a third duck this week to keep our other Aylesbury company when Alice the Neuro duck is having an off day.
For what it's worth, B vitamins have helped many ducklings with neurological development - so perhaps adding some brewer's yeast or Super B Complex to her food may boost her a bit. Glad you were able to get a vet's help.

My ducks won't come out house or go back in they seem terrified. I started lifted one out and the rest followed but it hasn't helped gone off food and water please help
My ducks won't come out house or go back in they seem terrified. I started lifted one out and the rest followed but it hasn't helped gone off food and water please help

Sounds like they were frightened by something, probably a predator nearby. How long have they been acting this way? You might want to keep them locked in somewhere safe with food and water (and lots of their favorite treats) and see if they will calm down a bit. Try not to disturb them much so they can have time to feel safe again.

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