Whats wrong with my cat???


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
My cat always walks around with a toy in his mouth and makes a brrrrmooowwwwwwww or mewww sound. He also pushes his toy into my other cats but they ignore him.
Is there something wrong with him? ive never heard a cat make the sounds he makes!

Clipsie with one of his toys

Him pushing into my other cat
Nothing wrong with him. He's just being a hunter kitty.
My boy does that too sometimes. It certainly was the odd the first time I heard him do it! I kept looking around thinking "where is that sound coming from?" As for him pushing into your other cats, he probably just wants them to join in.
My dear, late Mona used to do this with socks. No load of laundry was ever safe. Most people blame their driers for eating one of a pair of socks, but we witnessed Mona stealing them on more than one occasion, so we couldn't blame the drier. And she always sang the same little "come-and-get-it" song. Mona lived to be just two weeks shy of twenty years old, and did this most of her life, so it wasn't just a passing phase. We got to know it very well. And now, I'm going to have a good cry....I haven't thought about her in some time. I miss her still.

im so sorry for you i know how you feel about Mona
my oldest cat died last year when he was about 10 years old.

and thanks everyone the only problem i can think of with your ideas of him being a hunter is that he never hurts anything unless its a small flying bug lol
All my cats will do that. Quite proud of themselves and "their" catch lol!

In fact, one likes the praise so much I use it to get him to release the
birds he catches hehehe.

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