What's wrong with my duckling?


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Feb 7, 2010
South East Kansas
I recently purchased some ducklings at a local farm store and the clerk gave one to us for free because there was something wrong with it, and there wasn't much they could do for it. Its neck wants to draw to one side and it isn't looking very good at the moment. Its starting to get weaker and its peeps have gone from a normal tone to where there's almost nothing coming out of its bill. If anybody has an idea of what it is and what i can do for it please let me know.
I don't know anything about ducks but, I hope the "something wrong with it," isn't contagious. Maybe the next response will be from a duck person. You might want to list all signs, symptoms and maybe a photo so others can better access the information.
has it eaten or had a drink at all recently?
i rescued a duckling from a egg the result was it had a bent bottom(its tail wasnt stright) but it was strong enoth to make it now it lays me eggs
some ducklings just arnt strong enoth
keep it warm try and get it to drink you where probly given it because the person did want to take the time out to try and help it.
iv not yet had the chance to help a duckling/chik as all ours so far have thrived
Actually i think its something that happens before it hatches because the clerk said that every other batch seems to have at least one that does it. But she said that shes took a couple of them home and they miraculously snapped out of it. and of course while i was there i was stupid enough to walk off without asking her what she did for them. but currently i don't know if this one is going to make it. and ive been encouraging it to drink at eat but so far its just had a few drops of water.
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if.... if you can get it through a few days then it has a good chance but by the sound of it its looking unlikly

if it gets dehydrated it will overheat it needs that water i kno that much........at last resort id guess id syringe some water down it being carful not to overdo it
the dehydrat alone can end its days.
i whish i had more pratice on it but iv only had to do it with a fully grown chicken
hope some1els can help out more
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Never mind. it died a few minutes ago

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