whats wrong with my girls???

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    Aug 18, 2008
    Three of my 5 hens (1 yr old) that laid regularly before have stopped laying completely...last egg maybe 4/5 weeks ago. All they do now is sit in the nest boxes, they won't come off unless I take them out and then they forage like crazy for about 15 min. then go back into the nesting boxes.I think they are in there all night also as I work till mid night and when I come home and check on them that is where they are. They peck at me when I feel for eggs and when I try to remove them. The only change that I can see that has happened is that they are able to be outside more as the weather has warmed up. They are free range with access to fresh clean water and laying crumble/feed which they have been on for the past year. The other two hens, the one still lays really well the other also has stopped laying, but does go outside and forage and is never in the nesting boxes.

    Could the ones that are always in the nest be eggbound??[​IMG]..I'm worried about them as they don't eat or drink unless I remove them from the nest.

    Any help and suggestions would be really apprieciated. Thank you
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    Can we say BROODY!!!! get those girls some fertile eggs!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do they look like this girlie!!!

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    Sounds broody to me too. There's lots of info on this forum - do a search.

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