what's wrong with my hen?


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Apr 10, 2014
I bought her from a lady on Facebook she told me she was an astraloup cross, and after looking on this sight she looks like a domique, first of all what breed is she? Secondly, my son caught her tonight and I noticed something REALLY odd about her feet and comb can anyone tell me what's wrong?!?[


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I have noticed that she I'd the ONLY one of my hens that doesn't needy or roost. PLEASE HELP
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I've had good luck using frontline to treat this along with pour on ivermectin. The ivermectin needs to be applied every 3 days for two weeks. Frontline is just a drop one time.

In case the other treatments don't work. I had a hen with a really bad case and traditional treatments didn't work, frontline and ivermectin cleared her right up!

If you want more info on how much I use PM me. :)

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