What's wrong with my turkey?


May 7, 2015
I'm new to BYC, this is my first post/thread, wish it was for a happier reason though! I have a royal palm who is about 3 months old, maybe less, and when I let everyone out today, she was acting strange. She is just letting her wings hang, is droopy looking, keeping her head tucked close to her body, and falling asleep. I've googled these symptoms but they seem to fit a lot of things that might be wrong. I am giving her the minimum dosage of tetracycline now. Does anyone have any experience or might be able to tell me what is wrong? I have two RP hens that are about a year and a half old and they're fine. She is not kept with the other two at night for fear of her being picked on but she does live with some chickens that are her age. All the ducks, turkeys, and chickens free range together all day. Here are some pictures I just took after I separated her

Welcome! Beautiful turkey, I hope she feels better soon!

Are there any other noticeable symptoms (strange looking poop, wheezing noises, sneezing, nasal discharge)?

Are there any areas she could have gotten into that could house rodent poison or anything of the like? Will she eat or drink on her own at all?
Thank you! In the space of an hour she had green, then watery-green, and then normal poop and it's still normal looking now. She is eating and drinking and seems to be doing a little better now than she was this morning but is still droopy and sleeping a lot . I'm going to keep her on tetracycline and then give her some cayenne pepper later just to be sure. is there any thing else that I should do?
nevermind! I was just sitting with her and noticed that she just pooped mainly clear and watery with a string of blood
Looks like coccidosis - if you can't take her to a vet asap see if you can find meds ASAP for cocci - Either from a vet or order online with hopefully delivery within 24hrs.

Blood in the stool is not good. Ask for amprolium/corid. Tetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic - if she has any secondary infection it might help but it won't do anything for the cocci itself. Try keeping her strength up with some sugar water/boiled egg mash if you can. Godspeed!!
Okay so I wanted to wait a week to see if she lived and.....SHE DID! she got really bad on the third and fourth days and wouldn't eat and couldn't keep her head up so I made a solution of sugar, water,tetracycline, and colloidal silver and had to use a syringe to keep her hydrated, it took about 20 minutes and she instantly perked up a bit and could stay awake, so I made a mash with the above liquid solution, layer crumble, and scrambled egg and put small clumps of that in her mouth little by little. After an hour, 3 mL of the liquid solution and about two tablespoons of the mash, she was able to lay down and eat the rest by her herself. The next day she could stand but mostly laid down but was willing to eat the mash on her own. I fed her three times a day and changed the water available to just sugar, colloidal silver, and a little bit of water. She has been eating this three times a day and today is exactly one week from when I noticed her symptoms. She's eating right now and is as happy and chirpy as ever; she seems to be back to normal, whether that be from pure luck, divine intervention, her own determination, or the colloidal silver, I don't know for sure. But she is still alive and that's all that matters! Thank you to those who posted!

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