whats wrong with this chick!!!???*pics* HELP!!!!


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11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
really confused about my chick. i thought it had spradle leg, but now im really confused. its so clumsy and falls over sometimes, but then other times it runs about and its eating small amounts and drinking like the other chicks do. its with its mum and 4 other chicks in a brooder. it can never really seem to keep up though. i tumbles when trying to preen its self. it was the last to hatch so does that make it the runt???
here are some pics please anyone can you help!! i really dont know whats up with it.
and also its poo is the right colour but slightly runny. and it cheeps really loud and all the time when its mum and the other chicks are walking about!
help me please someone im desperate!!!

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