What's Wrong?!?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Picky Chicky, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Holly Grove, VA
    First - What's Wrong With Me?!
    I can't seem to get past that mental block of eating my own bird's eggs. I'm eating them, but I doctor them with milk and butter (we like them scrambled) and even though they taste good, I'm still getting an upset stomach afterwards. I'm attributing this to my mental block of eating my own bird's eggs, but is it possible the eggs are really making us sick? No other eggs seem to do this. My husband has complained of this same problem, but not our 7 year old daughter.

    Second - What's Wrong With My Bantams?!
    I think I've officially ticked off my bantams. I was cleaning the coop out weekend before last and my Japanese bantam was sitting in the nest box. She got all huffy because I peeked in on her and so she got up. I guess she must've been in the middle of laying the eggs because by the time she got to the run, she plopped out the egg. I guess when you gotta go... [​IMG]

    Anyways, since that incident I've caught them both sitting in the nest box almost everyday but I guess they're on an egg-laying strike. They've stopped laying altogether. I figure this is natural, but part of my newbie chicken-mama self is worried that something might be wrong. The weather has been nice, and it doesn't appear that they're molting.


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    If the egg thing is weird to you, use them for baking or custards or that sort of thing, where you are not eating An Egg as such. Or to hold breading onto oven-fried chicken. Or for french toast. Anything like that.

    Have fun, good luck,

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    Fresh eggs are richer than store bought eggs and may give gastrointestinal issues. They do for me but I have IBS.

    Your birdies may be trying to go broody and that is why they are sitting on the nest all day, not laying eggs. [​IMG]
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    okay... you are weird... make sure that you cook your eggs really well. Do try them in a baked good and see if that works... lots of times kids are way smarter and more versatile than adults... What I do when I am feeling strange about eating these eggs from my chickens butts, is I mix them into my box of store bought eggs... so i can pretend that I don't know which is which.... that gets me over my weirdness for a while....
  5. Picky Chicky

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Holly Grove, VA
    Thanks so much for all of the input!

    I had something like 4 cartons of eggs sitting in the fridge and I was desperate to make some room so I baked two 2 layer cakes, one batch of brownies and an apple pie (which darnit didn't need any eggs)... so I made it through one carton. I taste-tested the goods and it was all quite tasty but I think I have a sugar headache now. [​IMG]

    I've been begging the eggs off onto friends and family... now I'm just going to bring them to work. [​IMG]

    The crazy part is, while I have all the eggs in the world our small family needs, I still plan to buy some more chickens at the next b/s/trade event. I'll be swimming in eggs! Maybe I can donate them to a church or Y for their Spring egghunts. [​IMG]

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