Whats your favorite breed.

California Whites!!!
not sure yet, I'm a first timer. I wanted Buff Orpingtons but ended up buying Silver Laced Wyandottes - I was looking for quite, docile and cold climate good layers.

So far my 11 day old SLW don't want anything to do with me, don't like being held and do chirp alot (after midnight - LOL). I only had them 2 days now - so I plan on spending daily time trying to get them use to me. But I think I still want a few Buff Orpingtons - I hear good things about them.
I love them all big and small. I go for bantams because they are small, easier to care for and they fit in backpacks and chihuahua size pet carriers. That's makes it easier to take one on a hike or wherever.

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