What's your hatching meathod?


8 Years
May 27, 2011
I'm new at hatching and my first go around was no bueno. I used automatic turners until day 18 when I removed the eggs and set them on the side at the bottom. The temp was 100-102 and 30-50% humidity. During lockdown it was 98.5 degrees and humidity was 65-75%. Next time we're thinking of leaving the eggs in the turner(off of course) and letting them hatch there. How does this sound?

I am also curious as to what your favorite way to hatch/incubating is?
I've not hatched any eggs either via incubator or broody hen, but after reading the horror stories about poor hatches I'm leaving it to a hen if I ever do it!
I wouldn't leave them in the turner or it could be quite a mess to clean up not to mention the chicks can get their little legs caught inbetween and get hurt.
Take the top off of an egg carton and punch holes through the bottoms for extra air circulation. On day 19 place your eggs in with the pointy side down. Large end on the top.
It makes cleanup a snap and the chicks that hatch don't play football with the other eggs trying to hatch.
Good Luck!!!
Once the hens go broody, I leave it to them. Plus, once we are out of winter, to get the bator humidity under 50 is near impossible.

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