What's your hens favorite snack?


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Besides there actual food. What does your hens like to eat? I've heard they enjoy scraps from supper cooking. I also heard no citrus. So that being said. What snack food does your chicken love to eat??? We are getting our flock soon and just want them as happy as can be.
My girls go crazy for grapes :) It's so much fun to watch them steal them from each other too.
x2, my chickens also like strawberries, blueberries, and watermelons.
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NO onions, NO potatoes, NO avocados, NO citrus.. Nothing old or moldy... I personally only feed my girls foods I feed myself & family, nutrient dense nothing processed (ie; kraft macaroni & cheese), I make most everything from scratch and fresh ingredients, no boxes or cans..

My girls (3 buff orps & 1 speckled Sussex) love:
grapes (I cut them in small pieces, actually I cut everything I give them in small pieces to avoid crop problems)
brown rice
whole wheat pasta
steel cut rolled oats (cooked for them)
greek yogurt
natural applesauce
no salt cottage cheese
bread (I don't give them 'bread isle' bread, only if it came from the bakery, you know without preservatives)
pizza 'bones' (crust from fresh pizza from the local pizzeria, again with no preservatives)
scrambled eggs w/spinach (yup, their own eggs..only way I can get them to eat greens)
puffed rice cereal (I buy a brand that is just puffed rice, not any other ingredient)
puffed wheat cereal (ditto to above)

My girls turn their beaks up to veggies, so just like with children, I hide them in their oatmeal ie; cucumbers in their oatmeal with yogurt, applesauce & corn, spinach in their scrambled eggs as mentioned above... I make them 'dinner' everyday, approximately 3 hours before sun down. This ensures they eat all their chicken feed and whatever bugs, slugs or worms they find in their 800+ square feet penned in area everyday. They finish everything I give them approximately an hour or so before bedtime, and they go night-night with full crops. My husband and I affectionately call them our 'crazy bitches'. We love them so.........
Best of luck and enjoy, Helen

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