What's your plan for power failure

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    First I hope this in the right place and not if please forgive me and feel free to help get it in the right spot.
    OK here is my Question What is yer plan in event of a power outage if ya have chicks or eggs in the bator? We just had an outage last night for 2 hours. As soon as it went out I grabbed a med dog crate and put our 14 2 1/2 week chicks in it and took the 9 week old and put them in a large tote. I then took them all in the house and put em in front of the wood stove. They seemed to be fine since they weren't all in a tight ball but rather kind of spread out. I was just wondering what kind of plan others have in place or have you thought about it yet. I will be rigging a generator for future outages. If last night's outage had lasted any longer I would have rigged the gen then but didn't really want to have to be out in the wind and rain if I didn't have to.
    PLAN AHEAD !!!!!
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    The only plan I have is to sprout feathers and brood them myself [​IMG], LOL, we'll see how that goes! [​IMG]

    But seariously, it's a good question, All I could think to do in that situation, unless I get smart and get a propane opperated heater or something, is to load them in the car and drive em around with the heater on.... I don't think I have any other heat source. Maybe I could put them in the garage with the BBQ going to keep it warm in there. As for incubating eggs, I read that someone else on this site wraped the bator in a towle to hold the heat, and when the temp kept dropping they boiled water and placed it in bowls on top of the bator. Oooh, also if you have a Hovabator genisis like me, they sell a plug for the car.
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    Feb 1, 2009
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    1. Fire up the house generator (6500w)
    2. Fire up the little generator (2000w)
    3. Fire up the camper generator and run an extension cord

    I guess between the 3 of them I can figure something out [​IMG]
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    power outage?

    all of my ciritical devices are connected right now to a UPS. (battery based power supply unit)
    Phase I: UPS will kick in immediately. nobody will know it even occured. that gives me about 10 minutes for Phase II
    Phase II: Generator. Generator is cranked up and power applied and switched to critical units in the house. if the power loss is longer than 10 minutes then

    Phase III: shutdown phase of computer servers begins, and extra fuel is made ready for the generators.
    await power return while enjoying some board games

    what's your power plan?

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    Put the in the car? We haven't had a power outage since I was in elementary school. The perks of living in a commercial strip in the middle of the city on the highway.... I'd take a power outage over some of the stuff around here though.

    I would think that if you could get hot water bottles or a fireplace going, that would work pretty well.
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    Read somewhere about a fellow running his generator off a hybrid car....
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    We had an outage for 4 days when I was incubating eggs. My eggs had been in the incubator for 14 days. At first yes, I was worried. The first 2 days, I covered them with a bunch of towels, the next 2 days, I wet towels and put them in the stove to get warm (gas stove, they are still good for something) and then laid the warm towels on top of the eggs. In the end, all 15 hatched. As for my 12 babies, I put them in a small box with straw and a couple towels and they all did fine. They where 5 days old. Kind of like a cold puppy, they will cuddle together in a blanket.
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    I'm going to stick them all in my bra. I hear this works. [​IMG]

    Just kidding [​IMG] If a poweroutage happens I'm doomed for sure. Luckily they only happen like April-August! I'd like to hear what people actually do when this happens.
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    Unless you have an expensive UPS, that will only run a heatlamp a very short while. We have a generator and a woodstove.

    Here's a suggestion: I bought a couple packages of those camper's handwarmers that come in foil packs. You can place them inside a pillowcase or cover so there is no danger of burns and put them in with the chicks. They stay warm for hours. The chicks can lay on and around them and be just fine..
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    Generator- best money we ever spent for ease of mind.
    Runs furnace, well, kitchen, entertainment equipment with room for more if needed...

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