Wheatgrasss only?

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Can chickens live on wheatgrass alone?

    A friend told me about a completely sustainable (and basically free) way of feeding chickens. Build two side-by-side chicken runs that are long and skinny and plant wheatgrass in them. Keep one run closed off and let the chickens clear one of their runs, then open the other run and close off the cleared run. The idea is that the cleared run will grow back while they're eating the other one and this cycle continues. Could this really work?

    NOTE: The chickens would be able to free range in our yard most days for bugs (protein).

    How practical is this?

    Can the chickens happily survive this way?

    Is it possible to feed 4 chickens for "free" in some sustainable way?
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    Not sure about in a run? It would have to be huge an have more than wheat. You can pasture poultry with no food input if you have good pastures an don't over populate it.

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