Whee! Another Newbie!


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Yolo County
Hey all, the name's Snow Goose (I like to keep things simple), I'm from North Cali, and, well, I have a backyard flock. I'm 18 and a girl, I just graduated HS, and I'm hoping someday I'll become a poultry vet. I just made another thread regarding some issues with raising ducks and chicks together and I intro'd myself there, but I figured I should do that here too.
I'm about to add some Silkies and Runners to my flock. Currently I have 4 Hybrids (from Metzer Farms) and 2 Toulouse, all female. They're about 4 months old, so they'll be laying eggs in a month or so. I'm excited

So in closing, it's nice to be here, it's a pleasure to meet everyone, and I hope things go well for me here.


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