wheelchair frendly coop?


10 Years
Dec 4, 2009
Chicks are coming in 20 days and I need to have a coop plan soon. My biggest issue is my dh is in a wheelchair. There is no way we can afford one with a wheelchair ramp so My idea was to build one that is almost like a rabbit hutch, on legs. I was hoping it would be 8 feet long, 3.5 feet wide and 4 foot high(the box and then on legs) If it's on legs then he can reach in and do chicken house chores if I'm unable to. The nest boxes are going to be going (with inside acess)outside so that the coop has more room. Is there any reason a coop can't be long most I see are square? down falls of having large doors opening at the sides like a hutch? so many options, so many down sides!
I would thin the long skinny would be great.. I would make sure its not too deep that he cant reach but I love the idea of a coop he can wheel right up to.. My girls dont try to run out, that may be your only issue with the large doors... PLease post pics so maybe you can inspire others in a wheelchair to go for it...
Long and narrow is not at all a bad shape, provided you can work out space for enough roost. If you are in a very cold climate (while there is a St Catherines ON, I assume there are others elsewhere, so I have no clue where you are
), long is actually a GOOD shape for one of these small reach-in coops, b/c it makes it easier to have ventilation without drafts in wintertime (vents at one end, roosts at other).

I would suggest dividing the long side into two or three pairs of cabinet-style doors, so no more of the wall has to be open than necessary, reducing the chances of chickens escaping. That said, my tractor had cabinet-style doors and the chickens did not really *try* to get out.

You might want to mock something up and see how far in he can conveniently reach from the wheelchair, and what is the best height. Use cardboard or a door off its hinges or whatever's handy. That way you are less likely to finish the whole thing and then go "D'oh!"

Good luck, have fun,

I was thinking of this design as we have a long rabbit hutch in almost like and he should be able to clean it though he hasn't had to. The doors on my hutch are on top he just uses a stick to keep it open so he can get to them, going to change that though. And yes I'm in Ontario:)
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I actually kept my first chickens in a rabbit hutch many moons ago.
Granted it was a 2 compartment hutch with the divider removed and it only housed 2 hens, but it can be done.
Mine had a small wooden crate laid on its side for a nest box, perches fastened across the narrow part to roost on and it was roofed over entirely.
Due to my ignorance of coops in general, I had to hand carry the hens to let them out to free range and put them back in, but it worked for me. It was a little difficult to reach in because of the small doors, but it can be done. Especially since you are designing it from scratch.

Go for it!

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