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    Oct 4, 2008
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    I'm building another coop and thought I would like to make this one moveable. It will be small (4X6). What kind of wheels has anyone used that work on rough terrain? Maybe recycled bicycle wheels? I am also needing a visual for how to attach them! Thanks for any ideas and photos!
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    Apr 22, 2010
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    I use old lawn mower wheels. You could use old bike wheels, or watch TS when they have their $5 sale, they have 10" wheels then. Measure the hole in the wheel and get bolts that fit through it. Go bolt, washer, washer, wheel, washer, washer, frame, washer, nut, nut. Assemble all but the last nut. Tighten it down so it is snug, but not so tight to prevent the wheel turning. When you are happy with how it turns, put the second nut on tight. This will keep the 1st nut from loosening. You can put oil between the two washers if it tightens up later. I also attach a lawn mower handle to the end I am pulling. Sooo much easier! Cut a 2x4 the width between the end of the handle, I think about 16 or 18", screw the handle to the ends of the board. Then screw the board to the coop.
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    I made a tractor using stroller wheels. Got the stroller at the salvation army store for $2, thats $0.50 a wheel.
    I think as long as it's round and it's seized at the point of rotation it should work.
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    May 23, 2010
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    Mine only has 2 wheels so you have to lift up the other end of the coop. I used 1/2 inch (I think!) lag screws that screwed into solid wood.

    When you only have 2 wheels, you need to put the wheels so that when you pick up the other side the coop won't drag on the ground.

    For me this meant putting the wheels very close to the back corners.

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