when and how to reintroduce a brooded duckling back to its family

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Our two female Blue Swedidh Ducks hatched four ducklings between them. We let the ducklings stay secluded with the moms for three dsys. We provided water and mixed flock starter for the babes but the moms would get into the feeders and small water holder and dump them. Three of the ducklings died. We took the fourth one up to the house to brood for safe measure. We know how to brood the duckling - it's thriving-however we dont know when and how to return our brooded little one to its mother and that flock of 4- all Blue Swedish, three females and one drake. Any suggestions?
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    May 21, 2015
    Wait till the duckling is older, like starting to feather out, then put up a see through fence between them and it so they can see each other but can't do anything.Leave the duckling there for awhile then bring it back inside.Do this a few times and leave it out longer each time, then once you think it's safe put it out with the ducks and watch to make sure there are no fights and let it stay with them for a bit. There will probably be some fighting but that's normal, if the fight lasts for more then a minute then take the duckling out. Do that until they all seem to get along.

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