When breeding Buff Silkies....?

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  1. When you breed your buff silkies, what do you look for in order from most to least important?

    Like with call ducks you look for wide bodies, round heads with prominant cheeks, and short wide bills.

    What do you look for when breeding buff silkies?

    Also, at what age do you cull (and pick the best to use as breeders), 6 months 8 months?

    ETA: Also, do you trim vents, or are the roosters pretty much able to get the job done?
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    In buff Silkies, I look for ANY color in Any part first. Off colored feathers are just a no no. Then I look for tight wings, Foot feathering and toe separation then crest and conformation, short back. That's just me. I am not all that impressed with a huge crest. The standard says medium Crest, but the judges seem to be leaning towards massive crests these days. Comb is important too but I rarely cull for comb unless it is single combed. I don't like the real red combs but in buff it is common. I am breeding more for versatility, temperment before show quality. I want a bird that can function in the real world, on the ground and able to see enough to eat grass and grain. I want them to be docile like Silkies are reputed to be but able to be real chickens too.

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