When can chicks move outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by greginshasta, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. greginshasta

    greginshasta Songster

    Jul 26, 2007
    Mount Shasta, CA
    We have 10 chicks that are 3 weeks old which we keep in a plastic tub about 18" x 30". On warm days this week we let them out into their tractor, but take them back inside for the evening. It's 57 today - much cooler than the past week. Is it too cold to let them out?

    At what age can we let them live outside overnight?

  2. peepkeeper

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    Jul 5, 2007
    upstate New York
    I'd wait another 2 weeks before moving them outside for good. I know it's a pain having them in the house, but it's still a bit soon to leave them out at night until they have some more feathers and are a little bigger, especially since it got chilly. They should be fine during the day unless they're huddled up in a group miserable. if they're puttering around doing chicken stuff, they're fine.
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  3. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    Where can you get 57 deg weather???? We're sweltering here in NC - I think we're at 3 wks plus with over 90 deg every day.

    The only good thing about this hellish heat is that I can let the chicks out in their pen to scratch around and not worry about them getting too cool - more like making sure they aren't getting too hot!

    My guys are 2 wks old tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to putting them out full time. They are starting to really outgrow the broody pen!

  4. greginshasta

    greginshasta Songster

    Jul 26, 2007
    Mount Shasta, CA
    Thanks peepkeeper - the chicks are rapidly growing to the point that soon there won't be room for the little beggars to move in the tub. I'm sure they will be happy when they have a larger home.

    arlee453 - We are at 3500' elevation in northern California, just south of the Oregon border. Today's high is forecast to be 74, climbing back to the high 80's over the coming week. Sorry about the terrible heat you folks are dealing with.

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