When can I be reasonably sure I probably have a rooster?


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Mar 6, 2012
Pinellas County, Florida
I posted this in the wrong topic earlier. :facepalm:

So I'll try again, I guess.

The neighbors (where this bird came from at about 8 - 10 weeks old, I believe), are of the opinion that "Smokey" (below, in the middle with the gold leakage) is a rooster. The only one to crow has been the white one, and only once. The barred chicken and the black one that is in question both started "honking" a couple of weeks ago. Any thoughts on this? The older two birds are probably about 16 - 18 weeks and the younger two (the black one and the white one) are probably around 12 - 14 weeks. The three pictured below do a lot of fluffed up posturing with each other, but like I said, I haven't heard any crowing except for the one time.



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Aug 14, 2011
pretty sure the black one is a cockerel but it would be easier to tell if you could get pics without the fence in the way

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