When can I move my chicks outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by OhioGirl, Mar 6, 2014.

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    First timers here and we still feel lost! Our chicks are about 3 weeks old. I know we will have to wait a while before we put them outside but I want to make sure we have everything ready well before its needed. We live in southwestern Ohio.

    We have 10 chicks and they all seem to be doing well and growing VERY fast. My biggest concern is they will outgrow the brooder we have them in currently and won't have another options but to keep them crowded or put them outside. So my first real question is how will I know when they don't have enough room?

    My other concern is that it will still be too cold for them to be outside when they are too big to keep in the brooder. What is the best way to transition them outside and what temperature does it need to be outside?

  2. If you NEED to move them out into the coop now you can. You will likely need to help them out with a heat source in their coop. A lamp or lightbulb to give them warmth at night especially.

    I have brooded entirely outdoors before and had success. Draft free and warm is want you want.

    I have had Brodie's hatch in November and all the chicks did just fine.

    Wish ya the best.

    Ps: All my meaties go out at 2 weeks old now regardless of time of year.
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    WE have had 6 hens since November, but this is our first time raising chicks too. We just got ours a day and a half ago. I am also interested in both your questions as we are also in Southwest Ohio!
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    The answer to your question is the answer to this question: can you provide them with the heat they need, draft free, and in a predator proof environment if you move them outside? Starting at 90 - 95 degrees the first week, you can drop 5 degrees per week. This is a conservative measure, but if brooding chicks outside, I'd err on the side of caution. Where can you set them up that will have electricity and be predator proof? Is your coop ready? Do you have a garage or an enclosed porch, a basement? At 3 weeks, they would benefit from having 1 square foot for each of them, more if you can give it. If you have a rodent proof space, you could even give them a big box, or several boxes taped together, and covered with hardware cloth. I've seen brooder spaces made out of straw or hay bales, old pack and play style play pens would keep the babies up off the cold ground. Good luck with your babies.

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