When can my chicks go outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Brookeee2013, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Okay so i have chicks of all different ages. my oldest ones are like 3-4 weeks old. when can they go outside? and when they do, should i put them straight into the coop or into a rabbit hutch thats in my coop? also, some of my chicks are getting reddish-brown runny poop. is that bad? its been like 50-60 degrees here lately.


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    Apr 13, 2012
    They seem like about the same age of my girls when I first brought them outside. I left them walk around in my backyard for a few hours in a small handmade temporary chicken wire coop so they know what its like to be in the outside. I did this for a few days, then I let them spend their first night in the coop.
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    Mine are about that age when I move them outside as well. I usually sneak them into the big coop at night, then monitor them when I let them all out for the first time. I haven't ever had a problem doing it that way, and they always know where to go back to roost for the night. Occasionally I will have a batch of chicks that don't leave the big coop for a week or two, they just spend the day gazing outside. There's multiple food and water stations in there, though, so they're fine. Some of them are just a little shy, I think. Maybe I should take them on brief outings into the great outdoors like americana-lover does!
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    This winter, I let my chicks roam outside after day 4 for a couple of hours each day to half a day as they get older if it is not too cold. I move them outside in a Biddie coop I built at 3 to 4 weeks, with a light they can get under for warmth. I put a tarp over it in case of snow, rain or winds. The biddie coop is set next to one of my big coops so the kids can see the bigger ones. I let them free range with the older chickens (THE KIDS GET AN HOUR LEAD TIME BEFORE) I release the older ones once they are outside. I find that helps when I move them finally into the bigger coop. I don't join my chickens til they are almost as big as the older chickens... That way, they stand a chance agaist the big old bad roosters... The boys love them some young stuff.
    Now if I have babies in the summer I do things slightly different, but the same but not as protected from the weather...

    Brookeee, for your kids, I would put them in the rabbit hutch thats in the coop or next it it, depending if it is enclosed or open air, which mine are...

    Good luck and you have 2 fine looking girls, I see....
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    Dec 1, 2010
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    they need to be feathered out before going out full time with no heat lamp...... usually 5 weeks old.......
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    Mar 14, 2013
    [​IMG] Hi! I am "infant-like" new to chickens. My mom is a big lover of them; she had many fancy varieties. I just want to enjoy some fresh eggs and the experience of oving a new type of animal. Maybe fancy chickens later...?
    I have 8 - 3 week old chicks and 4 - 2 week old chicks. (They grow soooo fast! Sheesh. lol.) They are in a flight-kennel (the plastic ones) - it is an x-tra lg. one and they seem quite happy! I let them out (in a puppy playpen) while I cleaned their kennel (lol) and they were acting as though they wwere sooo amazed! It was totally cute!!!
    I am anxious to get to know y'all here at BYC! God bless you all. "Chi's and Chicks"; chihuahuas and chickens - I thought it was a cute name....
  7. chisandchicks

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    Mar 14, 2013
    Sooo, my kids are 8 @ 3 wks and 4 @ 2 weeks (more or less) When I put them outside "for real" how old should they be and what is the "rabbit hutch" - is it literally a rabbit hutch?
    I appreciate all suggestions.
    Humbly yours In Him and For Him always - chisandchicks[​IMG]

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