When can you mix different ages of chicks?

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11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
I have eight two week old chicks in one brooder box and 5 two day chicks in another box. Both boxes are in the chicken coop with heat lamps on them. There are only two really tame hens out there with them. The hens can not get to them and I know that the babies need to be full size before the babies can join the two hens. However my question is when if ever can I mix the two different ages of chicks.

My ideal goal would be able to mix them in two to three weeks and partion off half of the hen house so they can hang out together and then put them with the other hens when they are so big as the hens.

Thanks for your answers!!


12 Years
Jan 2, 2008
Midwest U.S.
Sure, you should be able to do that in about three weeks; two weeks in age difference is entirely manageable. I currently have two 12-week olds in with seven 8-week olds (they've been together since they were 8 and 4 weeks). However, the oldest ones are both pullets and mild-tempered as well.

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