When do I let chicks in/out of coop?


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May 27, 2008
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We are doing our research now for Spring chicks. Do we lock the chicks up in the coop at night? Do we let them roam around in and out of a coop and run all the time? My friend told me that we should use a broom to sweep (train) the chicks to go into the coop at night? I know they are dogs...but, how exactly do we get them in the coop...should they go in the coop instinctively on their own when it is dark?
Keep the chicks in the coop for a few days with 250 wat light bulb,food ect.Let them out only under your supervision when there young.And yes close them in at night,something will find a way in.When there about 6 weeks old you can let them out unsupervised in the run.
from WI. I put mine out in the coop when they were about 5-6 weeks old. Kept them confined in the coop for a few days, had a heatlamp in there for the first few nights as it was still pretty chilly at night. After sevral days in the coop I let them out in the attached run. They knew where to go before it got dark but I did have to help the first couple of days up and down the ladder. When they were a little bigger and nicely feathered I started to let them roam in the yard> they alsways go in by themselves when it gets dark or I call them and/or hand out treats to "lure them" into the run so they are confined and safe from predators/severe weather. From there they can jsut go in the coop to put themselves to bed....
They just have to get the idea thatthe coop is where they sleep and lay their eggs....
When it gets to be close to sundown mine automatically are drawn to the coop area. Doesn't mean all of them go into the coop but they are usually within about 20feet of it. So I get my stick and hold it out like a long arm and hold my other arm out if needed to get them going in the right direction! I will occasionally have one chicken who resists this or changes directions but usually it's a pretty simple process. When you first move them into their coop, leave them there for 1week to get oriented with their "home" and then they know that is where they are safe and will want to return!!
Yes, lock them up every night or you could lose them to predators!!
Every morning I go out and open the coop door and leave it open, they then have access to the run/coop all day. In the evenings when I'm home I let them out to "free range".
They have been a GREAT addition to our family, we really have enjoyed having them, so I know you will as well!
I locked mine in for 2-3 days to start. Then after that they just know when it starts to get dark to go to the coop. I've heard they have poor eyesight and can't see at night so they come back naturaly.
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