when do I need to add heat for young guineas?


11 Years
May 19, 2011
The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!
I have young guineas that can go in and out of their cope as they wish.
They roost along the sides at night and even on their roosting stick inside
their 'open air cope'. My question is at what temp should I add a heat
lamp for them? or do I need to do this at all?? I live in Virginia just
off the Blue Ridge Parkway and currently it is in the 60's at night....

Come winter I will close off three sides so the cold and dampness
will be reduced and if it snows I will add a heat lamp for them but
I am unsure for the current temps if they need that extra heat???

These younguns are varied in age...4 months thru 5 1/2 months...
they all seem fine but I want to be sure I am doing right by them...

I have ducks and a peacock too but the guineas are so much
more fragile...or seem to be anyway. Thanks in advance!
As long as they stay dry, and their coop isn't too drafty they shouldn't need heat. Guineas are pretty hearty, they are smart enough to fluff up their feathers to insulate themselves, tuck the head under a wing and cover their feet. Wet Guineas can't fluff up tho, and those are usually the ones that can't survive the winters. Some give some extra corn or scratch in their diet during the colder months to give the birds a layer of fat to help keep them warm.

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