When do I take them out of the bator - some eggs aren't even pipped!!


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Dec 9, 2008
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I have 7 chicks that have hatched. The first hatched Friday evening at 6 pm. There are now 7 and there are 8 more eggs that have not pipped. I don't know if they will hatch, but I don't want to give up on them yet. So, when do I HAVE to take the the chicks out. I know they are okay for 24 hours. One has already pooped. That can't be good for such a tight space with air that is just circulating. At some point, aren't they creating a bad environment for the other eggs? i am not in a hurry to get them out, just need to know what the limits are.

Also, the 7 that hatched were on the right and the 8 that have not are on the left. What is up with that? We do know that the temperature on the left has been higher but have been able to compensate for that. All 15 were alive at lock down. What could be happening? Should I give them more time? According to the temp in the water wiggler, the temps have been ideal for 3 days. The water wiggler is in the middle.

You can take the hatched ones out as long as there are no current pips. If there are current pips do not open the bator. When was day 21? I leave mine til day 25 just to be sure.
Well... Don't laugh at me. I am just an anxious newbie when it comes to hatching, but (*sheepish grin*) today is day 21.

Since they haven't pipped, I will take the chicks out this afternoon. The brooder isn't quite ready, but will be soon.

Thanks for the advice. I have heard that before, to leave them until day 25.

I do have some problems that make me think it isn't going well for those unpipped... The first has an unabsorbed yolk sack hanging off it's butt. He eventually broke it open and dripped yolk all over the bator. I have 2 with slightly rough navels (and one of those has a tiny yolk sack) and one that is laying in the corner looking weak. Just seems like I ought to get them out of there sooner than later. Fresh air, you know.

When I do, should I also take out the shells of the hatched chicks? Any problem with them lying in there with the eggs?
You can take them out when you take out the chicks. One of mine recently hatched with a BIG yolk sac on its butt. It absorbed in the bator. Because that one broke, it will need food and water when you take it out.

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