When do Red sex-links start laying

fowl farm

7 Years
May 9, 2012
It's 17-20 weeks, right? And do they start showing certain behaviors, or should I start checking the nesting boxes for eggs at 17 weeks?
!7-20 weeks is about right. Some of the signs are, the combs and wattles getting redder, investigating the nests, and the current favorite squatting. At 17 weeks you can start checking the nest boxes. But remember they may hold off a while yet.
Its 15 to 20 weeks. The earliest I've heard for this breed is 15 weeks 4 days. This breed most of the time starts laying alittle earlier than most. I have 4 of them that are 11 weeks old. Hope this helps.
Mine just started laying and she is 16 weeks. She started doing the chicken squat whenever you petted her.
Mine is 22 weeks, no eggs yet. Her comb is pretty small and light in color. Maybe it will be a while....

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