When do they start laying?


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Hi all... I have 6 hens (I think one might be a rooster) that i got last April so they're a year old now, we got eggs last summer and fall then they stopped laying over the winter. Now I'm wondering when they'll start laying again. it's warm here, days 70 fareinghieght, nights 40F.

When will my hens start laying again, I miss the eggs!

thanks in advance,

Post script: I just cleaned out the coop! Yucky job!We tried hay... big mistake, now we've gone back to pine shavingings. Hopefully the girls are happy now and will give me EGGS!!!!!
Any signs at all that they might be close? Are combs and wattles red and the ever popular vent check. They really should be laying soon if they are all healthy and not going through a moult.
Hey REDFEATHERS I lived in Oregon for 15 years...Portland. I love it there.

Whats a vent check? Is that like pasty butt? I think they're healthy, I just want eggs soon.

Some have red combs and wattles and some don't. The Domniques don't have combs, the Americanas do, and the Austrolop has a big one, thats the one that I think is a rooster. it attacks me every time I go in the coop. Seriously, it pecks the hell out out me, especially my fingers. And it HURTS! I have to shoo him/her away!
You moved away from Oregon!
lol. Actually I bet it's warmer where you are now.

The vent check is kind of a gross deal..but it's helpful, you look at the hens vent area to see if it's moist and slightly swollen....if so that is a good indicator that eggs are on the way soon. The squat is also a good way to know that they are mature and ready. Do your girls squat for you when you get close or try to pet them? Mine all do except for one. Once they started squatting, it was only a week or two before they laid.

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