When do we need to move chicks to coop?

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    We just got our first chicks two days ago, but we were wondering when we needed to transfer them to a coop. We plan on keeping them in a temporary coop until later this summer. We are going to build a nicer, permanent coop when we finish our other barns. We have 21 Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks and 5 Brown Leghorn chicks. We've heard that some hens will share coops. Is that true? And how many do we need? We're new to this and would greatly aprreciate the input!

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    you will figure out when they need to be moved. Depends on how much room they have now. 26 birds will take up a fair amount of space pretty quickly. I don't have any problem with my birds sharing their coop or run. Although I have to many roos for the number of hens and have had to hobble the worst offender.
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    The Wyandottes are large birds and will need space. On the roost once they settle in they take up about 8 to 10 inches. But they need a good bit more than that with all the shuffling they do at night gettin settled. If they're all raised together you won't have a problem with them sharing. They like to roost close together. They also have their pecking order but they're not angry at each other. Just trying to one up one of the others. If you serparate any of um and then put them back together that's when the trouble starts. Give um plenty of room and you'll be fine. [​IMG]

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