When do you introduce chicks to outdoors

I started with 3 day old chicks last November. I put them out in the coop at 5 weeks when they were fully feathered. They did ok during the winter. I did put an infra red heat lamp out there that turned on when the temperature got below about 40 degrees. They all survived the winter even when the temperature dropped to around -15 degrees.
My 7 week old ones went out to their coop at 3 weeks I keep them in there close to a week. Now I open the door every am to let them into the run which is covered and right next to the 16 week old run.
They go in and out all day as they please. some days I do have to scoot them into the coop after dark they'll be standing outside but in the light shining from the coop.
My chicks went to an insulated, venilated coop at about 2 1/2 weeks. With a 250 watt red light.

Today at 3 weeks and 5 days I let them out into the fenced in run.

Hesitant at first then out and exploring! What fun.....

I started them on smallest size grit about 5-6 days ago, sprinkling it on their food, once a day.
Feeling this would get them ready for the grass and bugs.

It was fun!
My chicks are 2 weeks old...maybe a day or two older...I put them out in the coop today. The coop is well insulated, and they have a 125 W heat lamp for day time, a 250W red bulb for night time (on a timer). Tonight is their first NIGHT in the coop, so I will be monitoring the temps. in there to make sure (it's supposed to get down to the high 40s/low 50s for the next few nights) that the temp remains in the 80s in the areas under the lamps.

I have played with mine in the run a few times when it was warm and sunny...for about 15-20 minutes at a time. I will do this more often over the next 2-3 weeks as they feather out better.
We have 2 15 day old chicks the kids take them out onto the grass after school,they love it and the chicks as well.Its summer here now and the day time temp is about 28 degrees warm.nights are about 18 degrees.
When can i put them into the coop with 14 week old hens 2 Isa Browns.

I"m not a total expert, but I don't think you'd want to put the new chicks in with the 14 old hens until the new chicks are about the same size as the chickens you are going to introduce them to. They will be picked on and will need to be able to hold their own.
I let my broodies raise the chicks with the flock thus taking out the painful introduction part when they are old enough. One of the hens just took a hike on her babies at about 1 month of age and they slept on the big roost in between my rooster and a different hen with no problems. If I am hand raising them in a brooder I wait until they are just a bit smaller then the rest of the flock before I introduce them in a cage within the coop, everyday I let them free range with the others and put them back in their "safety zone" at night until they choose to skip the cage and sleep on the roost with the rest.


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